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Is a dark, brooding and gritty band based north of the Harbour in Sydney.

With influences as diverse as Coltrane, sixties soundtrack music, Howling Wolf, Nina Simone to the angular sounds of post punk.

The band features musicians including a Principal Player in classical ensembles in Budapest and Paris, and others who have played in critically-acclaimed industrial punk bands.

Members of Moonlight Five range from a surfer, to a literary figure, a music producer, a music software designer to a trade unionist.

A band of diverse tastes and backgrounds have created a sound that is unique and of our times it’s like folk Blues on steroids, yet haunting and tough. Mixed by John Cobbin and mastered by legendary sound engineer Mike Stavrou previously of London’s Air studios.

The band has begun recording their debut album and an interstate tour will follow in 2021.

The band features:

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