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The Sonny Michaels Show Is back 

 Our First Show of 2023

We have such a great lineup for you guys...

Stencilled Jazz
Jon's Song
Ursula Collie Medew With The Ursula Report 

Mick Medew and Ursula ( Brisbane ) 
House Band Stencilled Jazz

Izera ( Adeliade ) 

Stephen "Sage" Hartley and Friends ( Burnley ) 

Karl Avenger ( Brisbane ) 

Gravel Samwich ( Brisbane ) 

Bob Short's Shorts ( Sydney ) 

Matthew Alec and Brian Woods ( Cleveland Ohio USA ) 

Steve Danko ( Melbourne ) 

Not forgetting how daft Sonny and Jon Voice can be and some new fake adverts!

Show Sponsor 
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Sonny fans - facebook feedback 

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The Sonny Michaels Show and Sonny Michaels are copy write and trademarks of  MBP Productions ⓒ ™️

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