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Space Party is a four-piece power surf pop garage punk band, featuring some of Canberra’s hottest live musicians and songwriters. The group began with Alex Plegt (Arctic Circles) and Kevin Lauro (Faux Faux Amis, The Defenders) performing instro jams in an underground bunker. Once the stars aligned and Darren Atkinson (Ups & Downs, Big Heavy Stuff) brought his skins along, Space Party was officially born. After a decade of mostly instrumental surf- rock shows, the band recruited the services of Nathan Gubler (Okinawa Girls), and so began the New Wave of Space Party.

A cracking firebrand from Canberra’s uncontainable garage rock scene, Space Party and their new LP New Wave are sure to please those holding out for that rough, edgy rock ‘n’ roll sound from the ‘60s, coupled with modern rock production,

arresting melodies and a sense of humour. CLICK ON THE ICON TO VISIT THE FACEBOOK PAGE 

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