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Kim Salmon has been writing and performing stylistically diverse music for over 4 decades.

He has done so in the Scientists, the Beasts Of Bourbon, Kim Salmon and The Surrealists, STM, the Darling Downs, Antenna, SALMON and simply solo.

Kim Salmon has found a slightly or even wildly different audience at each juncture.

At the start of his journey it was easy to ‘pigeonhole’ and label him but each incarnation and each format brought another aspect of artistry.

Playing solo brought the narrative threads, the various combos brought the pop that some fans had glimpsed and wished for more of, the ‘concept’ acts brought challenging, entertaining, alarming and thoughtful ideas into an already shifting musical landscape.


At this point Kim is the subject of a biography Nine Parts Water One Part Sand Kim Salmon and the Formula For Grunge written by Douglas Galbraith (also some time drummer for Kim). He has recently had three successful Art exhibitions – one entitled Conversations held at Mario’s Café in 2019, another called Lexical at B Side Gallery in Fitzroy 3years ago and most recently The Surrealists Exhibition with fellow Surrealists Stu Thomas as One Star Gallery in West Melbourne.


And the Pandemic?

Kim’s response was to get his band the Surrealists into a recording studio for a live streamed totally improvised recording viewed by 7.5K people on the net. This was made into last years ‘Rantings From The Book Of Swamp’ double live album which has now reached the end of its initial pressing and is about to be licenced through In The Red.


But wait, there’s more.

Just prior to the lockdown Kim and the Scientists went into the studio to record that dreaded item….the ‘latter day’ album from a ‘heritage’ band.

Maybe that’s harsh! Make up your own minds. The album’s called Negativity, its set for release on US label In The Red on June 11.

The first single is called ‘Outsider’ and there’s a stunning video for it!


Some singers are thought of as entertainers and some are thought of as artists.

Kim veers towards artist but the entertainment is there. His song writing is sometimes expressionistic, sometimes humorous, sometimes narrative driven, sometimes plain bizarre and Surreal.. TO GO TO THIER BANDCAMP PAGE CLICK ON THE ICON 

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