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I've got a couple of albums online:  "Things Sheep Think" (2015) and the more recent one "Marching to the Beat of Love" (2019).   You can check them out below and if you want the cheapest option for downloading them, you can use the shopping cart links in the players below to download each album in full via CDBaby for $2.99 which is around £2.30 in sterling. 

Alternatively if streaming is your thing, they're available on all the major music streaming services.

If you like em, I'd be super grateful if you'd tell someone else who you think would like 'em too!

Oh and by the way - the first track on "Things sheep think" starts very quiet and builds up.  The intro's about 2 mins long before the track really gets started.  This is my art and I make no apologies.

Peace and love to all :)

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