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Franc Lee

Franc Lee is the brainchild of Lee Lee.

Lee had been ill and housebound for 8 years with ME/CFS, a debilitating neuro-immune condition. He was suffering from a never ending cycle of horrendous symptoms and needed an escape. He dreamt up the idea of Franc Lee – a genius creative type who would carry him away from his daily woes.


As Franc, he embarked on a new music adventure, something to stimulate his brain and to lead him back to an experience of joy. Lee had really only ever been involved in electronic music in the past and so as Franc he taught himself to play guitar and bass while lying flat on his back in bed.

Franc Lee’s debut album ‘Heaven 17 Human League I like You’ is available now from regular digital platforms and also as a CD at the Music Hoarders United bandcamp page.

Franc Lee’s sound is a mix of 80s Brit Pop, Art Rock and 90s Indie Rock, with many layers of guitar and vocals. It has overtones of bands like The Lightning Seeds, Talking Heads, Sparks and early Roxy Music. Lyrically Franc’s songs are quirky antidotes, such as on ‘Brian Eno 48 Days’ he tells the story of Brian’s abduction by aliens, with lines like ‘they gave him tea and toast, made him feel at home, before they started to probe’, and ‘they watched him sleep for 12 days in a row then implanted something weird in his little left toe’. Most of the album is peppered with this sort of lighthearted fun, but there is enough of a balance to keep it interesting.

Go to bandcamp to purchase his new album 

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