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Forming in 2016 with Leigh (Vocals/Bass) and former drummer Bree decided to start a project together. Leigh got in touch with guitarist Josh who was living in W.A. at the time, but Josh and Leigh have been best mates for over 20 years and had played in numerous bands together so was the perfect match, this is when things really started to get serious.

Before too long a set list of powerful but catchy songs were written, and backed up with an energetic live performance, full of punk jumps, head banging and lots of passion. "We knew we needed a second
guitarist to layer the lead brakes" says Josh and a backing vocalist to fill in the songs.

After about a year of trying to find the right members, original drummer Bree decided it was time he moved on. SKDP started getting calls straight away, one was from Adam Walshaw. A week later, another call this time from Luke, both members gelled instantly, they wrote 3 songs on the first night and "the energy was insane ", said Adam. SKDP remain with this line up and have been growing audiences wherever they go.

Serial Killer Dinner Party had a break in 2019 before being forced to extend the break into 2020 due to covid. SKDP decided it was time to start writing again but due to other commitments Luke didn't return and SKDP have now got Marc doing an amazing job with backing vocals and rhythm guitar., CLICK HERE TO GO STRAIGHT TO THIER FACEBOOK PAGE 

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