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Weezal began life in the late 1990's when Pam (then Mark) decided to show his 15 year old brother the bass. Old mate and former band partner J (justin) came and played drums. For about a year the guys jammed on and off. When another old mate Mick returned from the UK, he joined as drummer with J moving to guitar. This is the same lineup they have today. The band put their longevity down to the fact they have always put the individual members before the band. As friends they have been through accidents, breakdowns, business and job pressures, parenting pressures and relationship breaddowns, their love of just jamming and playing became their bond. Weezal's releases include:- Not Too Serious - EP Wanted for Questioning - album Plunge - EP Dogma - EP Rocket Science - album with the song Groovy from the Dogma EP reaching number 23 in that 2014 zzz hot 100. Incidentally Dogma was produced by Steve Kilby of the Church. Pam, J, Timmy and Mick are hoping to have a good year, get another recording out and play as many shows as possible. With a sound and style based on dirty guitar pop/rock with Indie overtones Weezal offer as good live as they do recorded. Pam Batten guitar - vox J Carr guitar - vox Timmy bass - vox Mickstar drums - vox

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