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Punktilious are a 3 piece punk rock band from Brisbane. 

Phil Wild - guitar/ vox 

Spike Glover - drums

Adrian Balzano - bass


Formed in 2015 and our first show on Stradbroke Island, Queens Birthday weekend. Since then we’ve played at venues in Thailand, Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast.


At the end of October 2019 we headlined shows in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.


We have a 7 track EP called An Apple a Day available on CD and Digital Download.


There’s a video clip for one of the tracks on the EP called  Jebediah, professionally shot at a live gig at New Globe Theatre in Fortitude Valley.


We’ve supported many prominent acts such as 


Hard-ons (NSW)

Lime Spiders (NSW)

Trophy Knives (Malaysia)

The Greed (Thailand)

Guitar Wolf (Japan)

Hitmen DTK (NSW)

Topnovil (NSW)

No Idea (VIC)

Strawberry Fist Cake (VIC)

Australian Kingswood Factory (VIC)

Shadow League (VIC)

Jerkbeast (VIC)

Udder Ubductees (VIC)

Keggin (VIC)

Pro Tools (SA)

The Wrath (QLD)

Goon On The Rocks (QLD)

Whiskey & Speed (QLD)

Being Jane Lane (QLD)


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